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Self Health Revolution – How To Live A Healthy Life Style

How To Live A Healthy Life: 3 Useful Tips To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

Singapore Personal Trainer Explains How Healthy Foods Hurt You

Healthy Weight Loss Tips – Nutrition by Natalie

College Do’s & Don’ts – Tips for leading a healthy life: Part 2

Self Health Revolution – How To Live A Healthy Life Style

Self Health Revolution – How To Live A Healthy Life Style

Health is a state of being well enough to function well physically, mentally, and socially. Now, the answer to the question “how to live a healthy life style” lies in health care education. Health care education brings together the art and science of medicine along with the principles and practice of general education.

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The aims of health care education are as follows: to promote the proper use of healthcare service available to the general people; to encourage them to adopt and maintain health promoting lifestyle and practices; to develop interest, endow them with knowledge, improve their skills, and change their attitudes in making rational decisions to solve their own problems; and to stimulate the individual and the community self-reliance and participation to achieve health development through individual and community involvement at every step from identifying problems to solving them.

Here, now, is how to live a healthy life style:

First is weight control. Weighing too much or too little can lead to health problems. After age 45, many people gain too much weight. You may ask your health care professional the questions “what is the weight that’s healthy for you” and “what are the ways by which you can control your weight”. Typically, you can control your weight by eating healthy foods and being physically active. It also helps to keep track of your weight using your won personal prevention chart. Second is to eat a healthy diet. Try to eat as much fruits and vegetables as you can. Also, drink as much water as possible throughout the day. Keep enhancing your diet plan by learning about different healthy foods. Third is to get plenty of rest and sleep. Sleep deprivation can make you feel stressed, sad, tired, or depressed. It can also make you unfocused and sick.

These are just some ways on how to live a healthy life style.

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This author writes about Self Health Revolution and Facts On How To Stay Healthy.

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Diabetes is a very serious illness and proper care is essential in remaining healthy. People with diabetes have to beware of what they eat and when they eat it. This particular illness is very sensitive and any little mistake can cause the blood sugar levels to go up tremendously. Very often, people who suffer from this disease are also stricken with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or obesity. Taking all of these things into consideration, a healthy diet for a diabetic is a must.

One healthy food habit for diabetics is to monitor their intake of carbohydrates. The proper carb intake is as important as the proper sugar intake. Carbs are simply a different type of sugar and they can impact the blood levels just the same as sugar in a cake or in candy. Some foods that should be served in controlled portions include pastas, potatoes, and breads. These foods along with other carb rich products raise blood sugar levels. A good diet for someone suffering from this illness should be low in sugar, fat, and carbohydrates.

Another thing to consider when you are a diabetic is to be consistent with meal times. Try not to let your blood sugars become too low by not eating or too high by eating too often. Also, when making a meal, be sure to understand what is written on the food label. Be aware of the ingredients, serving sizes, and any additives that a product may contain. Certain products may contain ingredients that will unknowingly add to your daily sugar intake. Therefore, it is important to be aware of what you are consuming. And for those people who are overweight and suffer from diabetes, it may be beneficial to consult with a doctor regarding any all natural supplements which aid in weight loss and blood sugar control. Natural supplements, along with all of the other tips presented earlier in this article, may aid in reducing the unpleasant side effects of diabetes.

Lauren S. Johnson writes health articles about fitness and nutrition.

Some of her favorite passions include studying the medicinal benefits of herbal remedies for antidepressants,diet pills, and hoodia gordonii.

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Love healthy recipes? Visit for more! Try this easy light Strawberry Cool Whip Crunch healthy recipe for a sweet and satisfying dessert or snack! Guests will love this low cal dessert! Like this recipe? Follow us on Twitter for daily recipe tweets!

Heart disease affects 20 million Americans. How can you live a heart healthy life?Watch More Health Videos at Health Guru: www.healthguru.comVideo Rating: 4 / 5

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Check out these healthy food images:

Pyramid on a Plate #3: Healthy Italian Food ExposedImage by Spices of Life

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How To Live A Healthy Life: 3 Useful Tips To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

How To Live A Healthy Life: 3 Useful Tips To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

Contrary to popular belief, learning how to live a healthy life doesn’t require you to sacrifice most things you’re accustomed to. Sure, there are those who like taking their healthy lifestyle to a whole new level, but that doesn’t mean you have to do the same. Everyone has their own way of staying fit in mind and body.

These 3 easy tips will get you started on the right track in living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle:

Tip # 1 on how to live a healthy life:  Draw a line between professional and personal.

The office can get a little stressful, especially when your job demands you to be constantly on your feet. It might have escaped your notice that you’re putting in more hours at the office than what is regular for the past three months. Or that you’re taking your work home more than usual.

Separate your professional and personal time. All guidance counselors and psychologists will tell you that all work and no play can be bad for your health.

Tip # 2 on how to live a healthy life: Switch your regular oil to extra virgin olive oil.

A lot of celebrity chefs these days are advocating the use of extra virgin olive oil. If you want to start living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, keep this in mind on your next grocery trip.

Extra virgin olive oil is best known for lowering the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Other reports also claim that it lowers the risk of cancers as well.

Unlike regular oil, extra virgin olive oil lowers your cholesterol levels. Replacing your regular oil to this healthier version can even make the result of your recipe even tastier as it is more flavorful.

Tip # 3 on how to live a healthy life: Watch your weight.

Strive to maintain your ideal weight. A lot of people don’t really feel like they have a diet issue, but are shocked when the doctor or nutritionist tells them that they’re overweight or underweight. How do you know whether you have an issue or not? Consult your doctor.

Another way to check is by calculating your body mass index (BMI). It’s basically a comparison of your height and your weight. There is a mathematical equation for calculating your BMI, but you can also check this Web site out: This Web site automatically provides you your BMI as soon as you key in your height and your weight.

Aren’t these steps on how to live a healthy life so easy? Anyone who says that changing lifestyles will require you to give up all that you have known, is clearly too afraid to take the challenge, or is just not determined enough to make a difference.

Want to know the keys to a healthy lifestyle? Then get FREE instant access to the most effective secrets to enjoy excellent health and live a happy life filled with passion! Download instantly at:

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Singapore Personal Trainer Explains How Healthy Foods Hurt You

Singapore Personal Trainer Explains How Healthy Foods Hurt You

Because of the large market for health foods, manufacturers will try to trick you into thinking a bad food is a healthy one in an effort to steal your hard earned cash.

Some scary examples will be shown below. Take care that you don’t get fooled by these marketers and protect your health and the health of your family and loved ones.

Orange Juice. How can the humble breakfast staple be an unhealthy products. Yes fresh oranges are a great sources of vitamins and are good for you, but orange juice can be a killer.

Why? Well commercial orange juice is made in huge processing plants. These plants take in vast quantities of whole oranges and crush them. Unfortunately this means that the skins are also crushed in the process. (Later to be used for animal feed)

That is a problem because of all the pesticides in the orange skins! These chemicals get mixed into your juice. These chemicals are choline inhibitors. That means that they interfere with your brains ability to handle memory and images. In effect, commercial orange juice is a brain toxin. Stay away!

Breakfast cereals are often seen as the “breakfast of champions” and this is exactly what advertisements will tell you.

Cereals are made from the ground pulp of grains. This pulp has close to zero nutrients because the fibrous and mineral containing husks of the grains are already removed. In addition, allergy to grains is very high especially among the Caucasian population.

An experiment at the University of Michigan involved 18 rats. They were divided into three groups: one group received corn flakes and water; the second group was fed water as well as the cardboard box that came with the corn flakes; the control group received rat chow and water.

The control group was fine. The rats eating the box were malnourished of course and eventually died. But the rats receiving the corn flakes and water died before the rats that were eating the box! (The last corn flake rat died the day the first box rat died.)

They also died a ugly death, which included schizophrenic behavior, fits, convulsions and biting each other.

The conclusion is that the cornflake box was more nutritious than the cornflakes!

Milk. Gasp, especially with all the celebs advertising for milk. Milk itself is not the problem, its just the low quality milk that is usually available to us! Raw, fresh milk from healthy organic cows is actually fine! But when we drink processed milk from unhealthy cows, we end up with…

Reduced Fat Content – Good fats like those in milk are NOT bad for us. But our modern milk has little of this. We use the fats in milk to absorb the other nutrients in the milk, so milk without fat can actually drain your body’s nutrients.

Watery, low nutrient milk – This is a result of cows unnaturally raised, fed bad things like soy and orange peels and rushed into milk production

Powdered milk – These milks are created with a lot of exposure to oxygen. This oxidizes the cholesterol and fat in the milk making is very unhealthy for us because of the increased risk of heart disease.

Coach Jonathan Wong, is a sought after Singapore personal trainer and performance expert who has helped hundreds of clients in Singapore achieve their fitness, fat loss and sports performance goals. He Is also a fitness author and a member of Singapore Men’s Health Advisory Panel. Visit his website and blog for a free 1500 page e-book and constant updates.

Be My Friend – Nutrition by Natalie Eat Healthy Food on a Budget Tips Save money and eat healthy foods as the same time. Natalie gives ways eat better without breaking the bank. Tips to eat better for less. A healthy diet will increase health, weight loss, wellness and fitness. Please visit Natalie’s website at Music By Jimmy Gelhaar http This video was produced by Psychetruth ©Copyright 2007 Zoe Sofia. All Rights Reserved. This video maybe displayed in public, copied and redistributed for any strictly non-commercial use in its entire unedited form. Alteration or commercial use is strictly prohibited.Video Rating: 4 / 5

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A few nice healthy food images I found:

The Healthy Experiment – Day 1Image by Andrew*

Baby healthy food…Image by by Lorena

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Healthy Weight Loss Tips – Nutrition by Natalie

Be My Friend – Healthy Weight Loss Tips – Nutrition by Natalie 11 simple changes you can make to your diet and life style to loss weight and improve your Health. Some simply nutrition changes can make a big difference.

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College Do’s & Don’ts – Tips for leading a healthy life: Part 2

College Do’s & Don’ts – Tips for leading a healthy life: Part 2

Unless you are leading a healthy life in college, you are bound to put on weight. This article is part 2 of the series that provides simple tips on leading a healthy life in college. Healthy Life Tip #4: Join a sports team Even if you have never played any sports till date, it is a good idea to join a sports team. This will not only keep you healthy but will give you an opportunity to meet new people and liven up your social life. Healthy Life Tip #5: Make smart and healthy eating choices There are many choices we can make when it comes to eating. We can choose the healthier option or the ones that add up calories. Below are simple healthy eating do’s and don’ts: 1.Whenever there is a choice, choose to drink diet soda. Diet soda has considerably less calories than regular soda. 2.Ensure that you eat salad, fruit or vegetables along with your dinner every time. 3.Do not skip your breakfast. Your breakfast can provide you the energy to go around all through the day. 4.Do not eat dessert every time you eat. Skipping it once in a while would ensure that you have less calorie intake while you still get to enjoy eating them on other days. 5.Keep healthy snacks with you at all times. This would mean that whenever you are hungry, you have something healthy to munch instead of picking up junk food that would add up to your calorie intake. 6.Make smart choices especially when eating food late at night. The healthier the option, the better it is. If you ordering pizza, for instance, it is not essential to have all the toppings. Choose the healthy ones.

Elizabeth Reed is an experienced researcher and essay writer. Elizabeth has been providing assistance to students with essay writing service and Annotated Bibliography for over 4 years. She is always ready to provide english custom writing help and writing tips to students. there are many common and special nutrition tips for healthy life. you can learn one by one in this video

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Adolescence is a time of rapid growth. In fact, teenagers gain almost 50 percent of their adult weight during the teenage years. Yet they are less likely to eat a dietary food. Adolescence know it’s important to eat right, but many teenager don’t understand a basic nutrition. They skip breakfast and always choose to many high-fat food when snacking at fast food restaurants. Maybe the worst offenders are teenage girls who diet all the time and avoiding healthy food they think are “too fattening.”

Good eating habits begin in early childhood, and that’s when parents should start setting a good example. During the teenage years, however, parents have to be more subtle about guiding food choices. They can’t control what teens eat or don’t eat during the day, but they can offer healthy choices at home. Teens are impulsive eaters, usually munching on what’s right at hand. So stock the refrigerator with healthy snacks. Serve a nutritious dinner and try to make mealtime enjoyable. Also, be flexible about the time you eat dinner, taking into account a teenager’s often hectic schedule.

If your teenager avoids eat healthy foods because they think they’re fattening, nagging won’t help. Many experts believe this is the time for parents to step back, while continuing to offer healthy alternatives. Teens can be encouraged to eat fruits, cottage cheese and yogurt. Skin milk and fruit juice are other good choices. Getting teens to eat right can be a tough task, but don’t give up. Now more then ever is the time to tech them. You are what you eat

For more information about health information please visit my website on Health Information Resource or

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